2D Crystal Wall Frame

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2D Crystal Wall Frame
2D Crystal Wall Frame



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Backgrounds are REMOVED. Feel free to ZOOM IN to the person's faces.
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Our 2d photo crystal wall frame is innovation at its finest! Your image(s) will be preset as a collage and laser etched into a large slab of glass measuring 33cm wide x 44cm tall. It comes paired with a ‘fit to measure’ wooden frame that streams bright led lights along the perimeter making your crystal shine. The frame is customized with a black velvet backdrop making visibility ‘crystal clear’ and sharp. Plug it in or run it on rechargeable battery for hours. The built in rechargeable battery is included!

*note if you intend to have us create a collage of multiple photos, please attach one photo here on the order page and follow up with an email forwarding your receipt along with all the additional photos you want us to use. Please send to 3d@3dcrystal.com

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